Centerfield Baseball Academy

Friday Hitting League Session 2 American- Jan. 6th - Feb. 10th 2023


Friday HitTrax Hitting League #2 American

Friday #2 American League- 
Regular Season January 6th to February 3rd
(if advance to playoffs, you will play on February 10th) 

(regular season 5 weeks)
Friday, Jan. 6th
Friday, Jan. 13th
Friday, Jan. 20th
Friday, Jan. 27th
Friday, Feb. 3rd

(playoffs, top 4 teams)
Friday, Feb. 10th

Keep competing in the off season! Get your 4 player team together.


This registration is for the HitTrax system. We must have all information on all players prior to start of the league.

• 6 teams allowed. 

• 5 Week Regular Season- 6th week top 4 teams play semi-final (1 game playoff) & championship (best 2 out of 3)

• Check your league schedule for dates & times

• All game times will be between 6 PM & 9 PM.
(You do not need to be there until 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time) based on cage availability we will try and have a warmup cage available 15 minutes prior to your game time for each team to share. Please do not expect a cage for solo warmups, a few front toss is plenty of warm-up.

• Each team will play a back to back double header. The games are 27 minutes in time limit or 6 innings. Once the players are registered and the teams are made, we will publish the schedule.

• All players on a team must be in the same age classification. We will use USSSA league age dates. You may play up in age, but you cannot play below your age group.

• 4-6 Players per team

$100 per player

We will assign you a MLB team name, based on the stadiums in the HitTrax System.


Please direct questions to:

Centerfield Baseball Academy


Phone: 972-424-0723